Many years of expertise, profound professionalism and perseverance are the cornerstones of our business. We offer the highest quality products and everything is certified: flanges, stainless steel flanges, carbon flanges, slanges up to diameter 2000 mm; NPT fittings, GAS, SW, ASA, steel and iron, iron and stainless steel pipes, valvesof all kinds, fittings and forged fittings.
We also sell stainless steel pipes A106 and 333 sixth grade with ISPEL tests and X-rays.
Many of our items are READY IN STOCK.


We are able to provide flanges of any type, from stainless steel and iron, for all the needs of our clients.


Turn to us to find connectors for hydraulics and fittings from steel, cast iron, stainless and forged steel.


We wholesale and retail all kinds of bolts, guaranteeing quality, durability and reliability


Please choose us if you need seals: find the best brands on the market.


We offer a wide range of pipes, steel, black cast or galvanized iron, all certified for excellent performance.

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